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48, 49, 50!
48: Have you read the Web Comic, watched the Anime, both, or neither?

Yes, I read most, if not all the webcomics and watched the anime series in both English Subbed and English Dubbed. If Himaruya updates his blog, I’d read it straight away. I’ve seen lots of fans always talking about things in the anime that seems new information. But some are actually as old as the webcomics. I guess not many read the webcomics, or I happen to waste my time reading lots of the webcomics that would date back waaay in 2008. Most of the things start out with the webcomics/blog, so I recommend looking at the very first source before seeing it animated.

49: What is the thing in general that you absolutely love about Hetalia?

There’s a lot. Whether it is the characters, the bits of history if you look into them, English Dub’s own jokes, the relationships between one another… It’s hard for me to really say. I just love Hetalia as a whole in itself.

50: If you could have one wish granted that was Hetalia-related, what would it be?

If I were really selfish, I’d say Germany x North Italy love relationship canon with Holy Roman Empire and Germany being one of the same due to amnesia. But if not that, maybe have Hidekaz Himaruya do well in the future that is to come. He’s still here after all and want him to do his best.
50 Random Hetalia Asks!!!
1: What got you into Hetalia?
2: What month and year did you first start watching it?
3: Who is your favourite character currently?
4: If you could have one ship become canon, what pairing would it be?
5: Do you like Hetalia yaoi?
6: How has Hetalia affected history for you?
7: What do you prefer and why: Axis or Allies?
8: Hetalia OTP?
9: Do any of your friends like Hetalia?
10: Are you caught up with all of the episodes?
11: Which Hetalia-related merchandise (official and unofficial) do you own?
12: Do you read any fanfics and if so, what's your favourite one?
13: How have you contributed to the fandom?
14: What popular ship do you not like?
15: What unpopular ship do you like?
16: Who was the first character you instantly fell in love with?
17: What episode gave you the most feels?
18: What episode gave you the most laughs?
19: What is your favourite episode in general?
20: Do you have any crossover ships with any Hetalia characters?
21: What is your favourite Hetaloid song?
22: Thoughts on HetaOni? Have you played it?
23: Is Germany the Holy Roman Empire?
24: Any character you don't like in particular?
25: Do you roleplay any characters on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Omegle, etc?
26: Who would be the one character you would love to meet?
27: Do you recognize Sealand as a country?
28: If you could ask Himaruya one question only, what would it be?
29: Do you cosplay any of the characters from Hetalia?
30: If you had the ability to change your height, shape, voice, clothing, and even gender, who would be your dream Hetalia cosplay?
31: Look at the country you are currently living in. If they are an official Hetalia character, how do you feel about that character, as well as the country itself?
32: What are some Hetalia OC's (Original Characters) you have made up?
33: What are some of your biggest headcanons?
34: What is the one thing about the fandom that irks you the most?
35: Your favourite seiyuu/voice actor in the Sub or the Dub?
36: Are you a HetaStuck? Thoughts on it?
37: Is Hetalia the biggest fandom you are in? If not, what is?
38: How much has Hetalia taken over your life?
39: What is your favourite fan-made video or tribute you've ever seen?
40: Do you think Prussia is awesome?
41: Personality-wise, which character are you like the most?
42: How do you feel about the Nordics?
43: How do you feel about the "cult" around Germany?
44: Any crack pairings?
45: Will you ever leave the Hetalia fandom?
46: Are you glad that you started watching Hetalia?
47: What did you do before starting to watch Hetalia?
48: Have you read the Web Comic, watched the Anime, both, or neither?
49: What is the thing in general that you absolutely love about Hetalia?
50: If you could have one wish granted that was Hetalia-related, what would it be?


Scanned a sample of handmade paper stickers.


Scanned a sample of handmade paper stickers.

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